4 Forty Four values the relationship we have developed with the Blowing Rock Chamber of Commerce, over the past 12 years. The positive impact the BRCC, and its staff, have on our community is both measurable and significant. We perceive the BRCC to be an important piece of the community puzzle that results in a cultural and economic rising tide that lifts all boats. The BRCC models collaboration well and balances it with strategic leadership that benefits individuals and businesses in our community, county and state.
Kevin Troyer
4 Forty Four


Our membership with the Blowing Rock Chamber of Commerce has offered a wealth of opportunities for Tanner-Doncaster Outlets. Having our name advertised in the Directory and at various events just reiterates that YES, there is a Tanner-Doncaster Outlet in Blowing Rock and that is priceless for a destination shop like ours, even though we've been here for 34 years.

The ability to network at various gatherings and being kept up to date on local events allows me to offer my customers ...for the lack of a better term...a concierge service for what’s happening in town, new restaurants, favorite spots and just the Blowing Rock experience in general and they find that help to be invaluable!
Mandy Poplin
Store Manager
Tanner-Doncaster Outlet Division

Chetola Resort at Blowing Rock

Chetola Resort has multiple memberships with the Blowing Rock Chamber including restaurant, spa, resort and bed and breakfast. There are so many reasons why the Chamber is vital to our success. They provide local business and networking opportunities, create and manage events to boost business in down seasons, provide educational and leadership opportunities for employees, and establish committees that address and act on issues that are vital to the success of all members. The Chamber enables everyone in the community to be involved and take a part in the planning and future direction of this beautiful town we all live and work in.
Marcia Greene
Director of Marketing
Chetola Resort at Blowing Rock

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